Sacàra as a symbol of rebirth.

A part of our proceeds contributes to supporting the activities of reforestation of Salento by  Manu Manu Reforesta.

Together for the protection of our land!

Sacàra Spirits undertakes to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards the territory, the environment and the Salento community.

Sustainability objectives have been part of the Sacàra project since its conception and increasingly characterize its development programs.  

Sacàra enhances biodiversity by offering the best representation in its products. At the same time, the protection and conservation of the Salento ecosystem are pursued with an active contribution to the Salento reforestation project, carried out by the Manu Manu Riforesta Association.

A part of the proceeds of each bottle contributes to the costs of planting a tree, selected and placed by the experts of Manu Manu Riforesta.